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Our garage doors specialists team strive to provide quality garage door repair, services and installations with the state-of-the-art garage door equipment and the most advanced garage door tools in the market. MF Solutions garage door company guarantees the highest insurance and warranty for all our garage door services, garage door installations and garage door springs and openers repair in Niles, IL.

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Our garage doors professionals are proud to be a part of the C.H.I Over- head Doors corporation and provide you with certified garage doors technicians who worked hard to be accepted into the C.H.I garage doors repair, garage door services, garage door installation, garage door openers repair and garage door springs repair Education Program.

C.H.I garage doors company is one of the biggest and most successful garage doors companies that has been producing garage doors since 1981. They are also one of the few garage doors manufactures that produce a full line of Residential, Commercial and rolling steal garage doors that are delivered all across the United States and internationally.

Our garage doors technicians are C.H.I garage door trained, which means we have the most qualified and knowledgeable garage door team ready to provide expert advice and solutions in garage door repair, garage door services, garage door openers, garage door springs and garage door installation in the Chicagoland area.

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Understanding your garage door can go a long way in maintaining your garage door’s build and functionality. 
Because of the quantity of cycles your garage door endures through daily use, garage door repairs and annual garage door service and garage door maintenance are very important. 

Garage doors and its’ many garage door parts have a certain lifespan that varies based on the quality and usage of the garage door mechanism, and the environment the garage door is in. 

Garage door may not seem like a complicated concept, but it includes a vast amount of garage door parts that can cause various issues to the garage door’s functionality. 

After a certain lifespan, the garage door parts start to wear out, rust and become weaker. 

Here are some examples of garage door problems that can occur with time:

Garage Door
Broken Spring

Garage Door
Opener Issues

Garage Door
Broken Panels

Garage Door
Wheels (rollers) Off

Garage Door
Door Off Track

Garage Door
Old Remote

Garage Door
Key Pad Battery

Garage Door
Rusty Cables

Garage Door
Broken, old drums and
end bearing plates