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With smallest suspicion that something is wrong with your garage door, do not attempt to diagnose and repair the problem unless very certain on how to solve it. This can be very dangerous for you and your family. Contact a professional to save your life, money, health, vehicles and time.

Questions & Answers About Garage Door Repair

A: Garage door repairs cost $250 on average, ranging from $140 and $350. This depends on the type of the door we are servicing and the problem.

A: It will depend on what is wrong with your door. If your door is close to 10 years old or more, and/or you are experiencing repair issues that might cost similar to a new door, you should strongly consider replacement. A new garage door of your choice may be a better match for your home and even enhance its overall curb appeal and safety of your home.

A: If you have a broken spring, do not attempt to use the opener to open your garage door. Most up to date garage doors come with an emergency release kit, which will allow you to manually open and close the door, but it is not recommended as it can cause a safety hazard.

A: It all comes down to one factor: Insulation. Insulated garage doors will have multiple layers depending on the type of door and associated thermal resistance. The more layers the door has, the higher the thermal resistance. Non-insulated garage doors are much more simple, and therefore cheaper than their insulated garage doors.